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    Web app developer since 1994 and former Developer Advocate with Google now residing in Colorado. I am currently the Developer Advocate for Sencha GXT and enjoy working on Android, GWT, and App Engine projects.

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Securing JSF Applications Against the OWASP Top Ten (PDF, 266 kB)
Presented at ApachCon US 2006, OWASP  2007, and JSFOne 2008
Watch the video
from OWASP 2007

Controlling Page Sequencing with an Event-Driven State Machine
CFDJ article circa 2004. JSF now does this better, and Spring Webflow *much* better.

US Patent 6,480,857 Method of Organizing Hierarchical Data in a Relational Database.
For sale.

Comprehensive ColdFusion MX for Programmers (PDF, 809 kB)
Five day training course I wrote in 2000 and updated in 2003. Lots of good system Web app design & security stuff in later chapters that’s not language-dependent.

Running a Perfect Web Site (Que, 1995)
Sorry, can’t resist putting this up here. It’s so out of date it’s not even funny, but it made the best-sellers list in “the day.” If you learned the Web from this book, I’d like to hear from you. Kindly drop me a line at [this blog name] at gmail.com with “book” in the subject and let me know what you’re doing now (hopefully, not garbage collection).

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