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    Web app developer since 1994 and Google Cloud Platform Instructor now residing in Colorado. Besides tech, I enjoy landscape photography and share my work at ColoradoPhoto.gallery.

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To get the most out of my posts in the Model-View-Presenter category here, you’ll want to start with

The GWT MVP and related concepts I’m most excited about are:

  • Each view implements an interface defined in the presenter, which improves code organization and testability.
  • The event bus (GWT HandlerManager) allows views, widgets, and services to collaborate in a highly decoupled fashion. The ability to create custom Events and EventHandlers in GWT 1.6+ is extremely powerful.
  • The notion of a PlaceRequest as implemented by gwt-presenter simplifies navigation and browser history management.
  • The Command pattern as implemented by a dispatcher service in gwt-dispatch cleanly enables features like undo and provides a hook to easily pass a security token and other parameters with every service request.