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A long pause

Posted by David Chandler on October 21, 2013

IMG_5806_DxOHello faithful readers! I apologize for my long absence on these pages. I have not fallen off the edge of cyberspace, just below the equator. In the preceding months, my family has sold most of our earthly possessions (save the small electronic ones :-)) and moved to Peru. We are currently attending language school in fulfillment of a lifetime goal to become fluent in Spanish. I am currently on unpaid leave with status to be determined after language school. Until then, I have precious little time for coding, but hope to squeeze in some work on storm-gen shortly and to continue writing about Android, App Engine, GWT, and other topics as time permits.

At some point, I’d also like to write more about how technology has facilitated our move, but suffice it to say that a scanner, Google Drive, Google Play Books, the Kindle app, and a host of phones and tablets make possible a near weightless existence, which is extremely helpful when conducting an international move. Thankfully, Internet connectivity (both mobile and fixed) is quite good in the major cities of Peru, so our “everything in the cloud” strategy has worked well thus far, although my wife doesn’t think the kitchen made the move very well in the cloud.


6 Responses to “A long pause”

  1. David said

    So u coming back sometime?

  2. Good Luck.

  3. Daniel said

    Very curious why on earth you moved to Peru?? 🙂

  4. Laura said

    I really hope you came back soon. You were really inspirational for my work life. Specially with the GWT stuff that you teached, it really moves me to study more. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to write.

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