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App Engine, Dart, and Android at DevNexus

Posted by David Chandler on March 23, 2012

DevNexus keynote

DevNexus keynote

First, a huge thank you to the volunteer organizers and sponsors of DevNexus! The Atlanta JUG‘s annual not-for-profit conference attracted 500 mostly Java developers this year and remains one of the best values of any developer conference in the world.

I gave an update on Google App Engine for Java (see slides) and a pitch for HTML5 + Dart (see slides).

There were a lot of talks on mobile / Web development this year, including:

  • JQuery Mobile framework (Raymond Camden, Adobe)
  • Intro to PhoneGap (Raymond Camden, Adobe)
  • Java-Powered Mobile Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Phone Gap (Andrew Trice)
  • Web vs. Apps keynote (Ben Galbraith)
  • Easy Mobile Development: Intro to Appcelerator Titanium (Pratik Patel)
  • What’s New in Android (Robert Cooper)
  • Spring for Android (Roy Clarkson, Spring)
  • Mind-Blowing Apps with HTML5 Canvas (David Geary)

All the mobile / Web talks that I attended were standing room only (70-130 people, depending on room capacity). It seems that mobile in the enterprise is red hot and enterprise apps are good candidates for Web apps vs. native. I was particularly impressed with

Thanks again to Gunnar, Vince, Sudhir, and the gang for making DevNexus such a high-quality event.

6 Responses to “App Engine, Dart, and Android at DevNexus”

  1. Thank you so much for presenting!! It was great having you. Just one correction – our attendees number were actually a bit higher. With speakers we had around 650 attendees.

  2. adiom said

    I have one question about gwt… Will it be possible: GWT could compile to Dart vm code ?

    • It is technically possible to compile from a strongly typed language to an optionally typed one; however, there is not yet any equivalent in Dart to the GWT Widgets library and the widget code itself would be quite different due to the superior DOM library in Dart. A cross-compiler is definitely on radar as a possible approach, but there’s none today.

  3. Hi David,

    I looked at the slides of your HTML5 + Dart presentation, and the slide titled “What’s in it for GWT developers?” made me really curious. Am I mistaken, or does it imply that we could one day code GWT apps in Dart ?
    That’s something I’d love to play with ! I really like Java but I’m impressed by the concise and expressive Dart syntax.

    • Hi Mikael,

      I guess that depends on what you mean by “code GWT apps in Dart.” The two are completely separate platforms today. As Dart continues to grow, I expect there will be Dart equivalents to many GWT features. Already there is a nice “dev mode” experience by way of Dartium, albeit no debugger yet. And Dart seems to be taking a lower-level approach on the DOM (no Widgets yet). Bottom line: the slide was just meant to say that some GWT developers may find Dart to be an improved way of coding Web apps.

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