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Archive for December 14th, 2011

$() syntax for Dart

Posted by David Chandler on December 14, 2011

Bob Nystrom’s article Improving the DOM introduces a jQuery-like syntax for Dart, but you still have to write out document.query(…). Can anything be done to shorten it? It turns out that $ is a valid function name in Dart, so, as suggested by Jacob Richmann on misc@dartlang.org, you can define a utility function like this:

ElementList $(String query) => document.queryAll(query);

Now in your UI code, you can write simply

$('h2').first.text = 'Heading 2';

This got me thinking. What if you wanted to emulate jQuery even further, like:

$('h1').addClass('blue'); // call methods on matching elements
$('h1').each((Element e) => e.text = "Heading");
$('h1').onClick((Event v) => window.alert('hi'));

Here’s a tiny library that lets you do the above. It’s just a starter, but hopefully shows some of Dart’s potential for convenient DOM manipulation.



typedef void ElementFunction(Element e);

 * jQuery-like syntax returns an ElementListWrapper on which methods can be called
ElementListWrapper $(String query) => new ElementListWrapper(document.queryAll(query));

 * jQuery-like interface providing convenience methods which
 * operate on multiple Elements returned by document.queryAll()
 * A TODO in dart:html's Element.dart suggests that some methods
 * may eventually make it into Dart's ElementList, possibly eliminating
 * the need for a wrapper.
class ElementListWrapper {

  ElementList _elements;

  ElementListWrapper(ElementList this._elements);

  // invoke a function for each element
  void each(ElementFunction f) => _elements.forEach(f);

  // add a style classname to each element
  void addClass(String className) {
    each((Element e) => e.classes.add(className));

  // add a click handler to each element
  void onClick(EventListener h) {
    each((Element e) => e.on.click.add(h, true));

  // allows $('#id').first
  Element get first() => _elements.first;


Warning: this was working earlier in frog and dartc, but something seems to have changed this afternoon. Either I broke it while reformatting for the blog or my Dart build is hosed. YMMV.

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