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HTML5 and GWT @ Rich Web Experience

Posted by David Chandler on November 30, 2011

Here are the slides from my HTML5+GWT talk at Rich Web Experience:

Building Mobile and Enterprise Apps with HTML5 and GWT

The talk is very similar to the combined GWT and Dart talk I gave at SenchaCon last month, which you can find at www.dartlang.org/slides/.

8 Responses to “HTML5 and GWT @ Rich Web Experience”

  1. feyl said

    This is a nice presentation, good job! I wonder what technology you used to produce it?

  2. Yeroc said

    David, I didn’t see the actual presentation, just the slides you posted so you probably provided more information on this in your actual presentation. What I’m wondering was under Slide #45 on GWT’s future you mentioned fewer releases and the last point was “Build from trunk to get latest”. Can you clarify what you mean by this? Is it Google’s intention that normal developer/users of GWT are now expected to be making their own builds from trunk going forward since Google doesn’t plan on making frequent releases?

    I’m guessing the failure of Google Wave has soured Google on the use of GWT going forward? Therefore we can expect a lot less innovation from Google in the GWT area?

    • You’ve read WAY too much into my slides! First, Google Wave cancellation was a business decision, not technical. Wave the product proved what is technically possible with GWT. Secondly, build from trunk to get latest just says that if you want up to the minute code, you can always build from trunk. The GWT team will continue doing regular releases (2.5 is in the works, but no ETA), just not as frequently as last year. Some in the GWT community asked us to slow it down because we introduced SO much new stuff last year that it was hard to keep up. Google introducing a new language to improve Web development != Google going sour on GWT (read “not equals” for the managers on this stream 🙂

  3. Alex said

    Great slides, totally worth spending the time =)

  4. I would like to see the slides, but the link is broken.

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