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Archive for August 26th, 2011

App Engine code download saves the day

Posted by David Chandler on August 26, 2011

While I was working on the sample project for yesterday’s post, I accidentally deleted the src and target folders in my project. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but my source files were neither in the Trash folder nor Eclipse local history (except for the Maven POM, which I had just been working on). I was just getting ready to check into SVN but hadn’t done it yet, so it was beginning to look like a total loss.

Fortunately, I had just deployed my project to App Engine, which now allows you to download your deployed application. Java sources don’t get deployed so I had only WEB-INF/classes to work with, but a quick trip through JAD recovered the sources also (albeit sans comments–sorry about that, folks). I like this new GAE feature. In the future, I’ll at least create a local git repo before I start mucking with the Eclipse Run configs…

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