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Archive for February 26th, 2011

Daily defrag? You’ve got to be kidding!

Posted by David Chandler on February 26, 2011

For our second edition of the “Saturday evening post,” consider the case of an old Compaq Presario desktop with Vista that was running painfully slowly. Every time it came out of suspend mode, the hard drive would spin and spin and spin. What on earth could it be doing? Task Manager showed lsass.exe doing a lot of reads and writes, but everything uses that system service. CPU usage was minimal, and AVG was not doing a scan.

I thought I might need to defragment the hard drive so I opened the Tools menu in Windows Explorer only to find that Scheduled Defrag was enabled to run EVERY DAY and anytime on wake-up if the previous run was missed. Those must have been default settings as I certainly don’t remember setting them, but my other Vista machines have not been that obnoxious.

The computer gets less than an hour of use per day and defrag takes a while, so basically it would never finish, leading to the ever-spinning disk.

Now that I’ve disabled the daily defrag, it runs a lot faster and quieter. I also ran CCleaner to remove temp files and installed Google Chrome, and my wife will now be able to check her Gmail just seconds after wake-up.

I wonder what people did on Saturdays before there were computers to fix?

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Resolved: Lexmark Printer Issue in Vista

Posted by David Chandler on February 26, 2011

One or the other of my teenage kids have been unable to print from the Lexmark wireless printer for several months now, and it finally could not be put off any longer.

Vista kept popping up messages saying that the Print Spooler service (spoolsrv.exe) had stopped. I logged in as Administrator and restarted the service, only for it to stop again in a few seconds.┬áPrint spooler virus? AVG in safe made checked clean. After several hours of Googling and getting nowhere, I found a post that mentioned C:\Windows\System32\spool. I went to that directory and deleted everything in the Printers folder. Now I was able to restart the Print Spooler service (if you don’t know how to do that, just restart the computer) and Add a Printer in the usual way through the Printers Control Panel.

Just documenting this for myself for next time…

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