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Archive for September, 2010

GWT + PhoneGap = native mobile apps quickly

Posted by David Chandler on September 24, 2010

Josh Marinacci from Palm, Inc. gave a cool talk on PhoneGap at GTUG Atlanta tonight.¬†PhoneGap lets you create App-store ready native apps (using a Web view)¬†for all the major phone platforms using only HTML, JS, and the PhoneGap JS API. And it’s not just for HTML 5 features like Geolocation because the PhoneGap compiler creates native code for each platform to access platform-specific features like the accelerometer.

I was just about to ask if it would work with GWT when Josh pulled up a demo of the GWT StockWatcher tutorial running on an iPhone emulator. Basically, you run the GWT compiler first, then feed the resulting JS through the PhoneGap packager to create the native Web view app. There’s even an open source project (gwt-phonegap) that wraps the PhoneGap JS API as GWT Widgets.

The combination of GWT + PhoneGap makes it easier than ever to write cross-platform mobile apps in Java.

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GWT Designer now available for free

Posted by David Chandler on September 16, 2010

Lots of folks had figured it out on the forums, but it’s now official: Google has purchased Instantiations and is making GWT Designer available for free:

See the official GWT blog.

This is great news for GWT, and per the blog post, will be even more exciting once UiBinder support is added.

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Everybody please update your Gmail pic

Posted by David Chandler on September 2, 2010

This really neat Chrome extension makes email a lot more personal again.

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