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Archive for March 12th, 2010

Coding getLogger() quickly with an Eclipse template

Posted by David Chandler on March 12, 2010

The AppEngine admin console log viewer is so powerful that it makes me want to log anything and everything. One obstacle to this (however minor) is that it’s a pain to write this for every class in which I want to log:

private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(MyLongClassName.class.getName());

Eclipse code templates to the rescue! Open Window | Preferences | Java | Editor | Templates and create a new template. Name it “log”, set the context to “Java type members”, and enter this pattern:

private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(${enclosing_type}.class.getName());

Click OK to save it. Now open any class in the editor, and type “log” followed by Ctrl-Space. Press Enter. Presto!

I feel a template for AsyncCallbacks coming on…

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