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Windoze performance tip

Posted by David Chandler on February 25, 2010

At Tuesday night’s AJUG on Java performance tuning, Kirk Pepperdine was discussing the evils of swap in a RAM-plentiful age and offered this interesting freebie: set your paging file size to ZERO (assuming you do actually have enough RAM to keep everything in memory). Besides the ~10% boost you get from not paging memory to/from disk, it saves battery life on laptops by not spinning the disk as much.

5 Responses to “Windoze performance tip”

  1. Stephen said

    Good tip–I used to do the same in Windows, and now still do on Linux–I don’t have a swap partition.

  2. Dan Billings said

    What happens if you run too many programs and run out of RAM? I have 4 GB, but I would still worry about it if it were going to be catastrophic.

    • I don’t know 🙂 I’ve been watching mine, still a gig to spare, so not too worried.

    • Stephen said

      Both Windows and Linux will gracefully handle the situation. Even with os paging/swap, they still have to gracefully handle running out of virtual RAM. Sticking to physical RAM just means it might happen sooner rather than later, not that is will somehow be catastrophic.

      The only time I usually see a problem is starting a new JVM that wants another 500mb heap and I’ve already got 2 or 3 instances of JVMs running. The OS just says “sorry, I’m not going to start that program for you”, and so I close some things down and then relaunch it. Not a big deal.

      Windows, IIRC, will throw up some sort of alert box when you get low and suggest you start closing things. And its just a suggestion, not a notification that your file system is suddenly gone. 🙂

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