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GWT + MVP = Very Manageable Code

Posted by David Chandler on September 24, 2009

I’ve been struggling with GWT a bit. It’s a new way of thinking for someone who’s been writing Web apps on the server side for 15 years now. But I was intrigued by a few posts on GWT with MVP, and then I found this:


I cannot say it or do it any better. It took me about a day to rewire my small GWT + AppEngine app with gwt-presenter and gwt-dispatch. It worked the first time. Color me impressed.

I can understand my own GWT code far more easily now.

And it’s more testable.

And more modular so other developers can work on it at the same time.

Did I mention I was impressed?

For the CM-inclined, these are the jar versions I put in my GWT project’s lib directory:

  • gwt-dispatch-1.0.0.jar from the project’s Downloads page
  • gwt-presenter-1.0.0.jar from the project’s Downloads page
  • gin.jar from GIN project’s out/dist folder I built from SVN trunk on 9/23/09
  • guice-2.0.jar from GIN’s lib folder per the blog post above

4 Responses to “GWT + MVP = Very Manageable Code”

  1. Haroon Ahmad said

    Thanks for your post. I’m starting some work on GWT, and have a JSF /JSP background. So, struggling with GWT bit.

    Would you recommend GWT in comparison with JSF2.0



    • Thanks, Haroon. As always, it depends on what you’re trying to do. I chose GWT for my current project because the GWT controls behave exactly as I wanted, whereas the popular JSF rich component libraries didn’t. Also, I wanted a lot of AJAX functionality and it seemed like GWT would be simpler than JSF for that purpose. As a long-time server-side developer, the GWT learning curve has been steep, but the gwt-presenter and gwt-dispatch frameworks have helped immensely. FWIW, I think JSF is better suited for server-side apps with pageflows, etc., whereas GWT is better suited for an app that feels more like a fat client than a collection of pages.

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