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Archive for March, 2009

JSF Welcome File Gotcha

Posted by David Chandler on March 6, 2009

When using web.xml’s welcome file capability to specify your application home page, make sure your editor (hint: Eclipse Web Tools?) doesn’t put in a leading slash.





The leading slash in the second example will trip up JSF such that when you submit a form on the home page, it will simply reload the home page on the first click, and then do the action and navigate to a new page only on the second click. If you look closely in the URL, you’ll see a // in the path that causes the problem. Welcome files work in any directory (thus, no slash is needed), but Eclipse WTP appears to add a preceding slash when using the file chooser.

Note: if you’re using Tomcat and specify a welcome file with a jsf extension as shown, you’ll also need to create a dummy file with that extension in addition to the real JSP or .xhtml (facelets) view template to satisfy Tomcat’s welcome file existence check. I create a .jsf file with a single line:

<%// Dummy file to trick Tomcat into supporting welcome-file-list –%>

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