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Archive for December, 2008

Ubuntu USB Wireless

Posted by David Chandler on December 15, 2008

Reason why I love the open source community #157:

Please leave really detailed comments on wiki pages like this one about which hardware actually works with your OS. See the comment for the FD7050, v4001.


After reading this page and related pages for other vendors, I stopped my local Target, and was pleasantly surprised to find the Belkin myEssentials line of components, but not the myEssentials USB wireless adapter which so many folks have said works fine with Ubuntu and is very cheap ($15-$25). But not to worry, the Belkin referenced above was on the shelf for $35, and it featured a barcode sticker with “ver. 4001” on it. Bingo!

I plugged it in to my Ubuntu 7  machine, waited a few seconds, clicked the network manager on the launcher bar, and it had already found my network. I entered my password for WPA2-PSK (AES), held my breath, and voila, I can now move the Ubuntu machine to the basement for the kids 🙂


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Ubuntu Saves the Day (Again)

Posted by David Chandler on December 1, 2008

Vista crashed again on a friend’s misbehaving Thinkpad, resulting in the invitation to reinstall Windows at startup. Whereas this had happened several times recently and Windows was unable to repair the installation previously, resulting in the loss of all data, and whereas my friend had stayed up till 3AM working on MBA projects that would now be lost, said friend was in despair.

Enter Ubuntu. We booted off the LiveCD and attempted to mount the windows drive, which Ubuntu had automatically detected. The disk was flagged with an unclean shutdown, so it did not mount, but Ubuntu provided a helpful error message with the complete syntax of the mount command with “force” option to recognize the drive. With a little additional Linux knowledge and trial and error, we came up with

sudo mkdir /media/SW_Preload
sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /media/SW_Preload -o force

Voila! There was the dead Windows drive, ready for transfer to USB flash or external hard drive.

Even if you don’t install Ubuntu, you should download a CD before you need it.

Related recommendations:

Backup 2 GB free at idrive.com. Easy and secure. Features continuous backup mode that will backup changes every 10 minutes.

Karen’s Power Tools Replicator is a free, lightweight utility for doing full or differential backups to an external hard drive. I set mine to run every hour.


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