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JSF Tip of the Day: EL Conditional Operator

Posted by David Chandler on May 24, 2006

Do you ever need to convert a boolean value for output to Yes/No (in any language) as opposed to the default true or false that JSF renders? Here’s a nifty way to do it with a properties file and the JSF EL conditional operator. Create a properties file with keys for “true” and “false”. Example:


Then, in your view

<f:loadBundle basename=”path.to.your.properties.file” var=”msgs” />

<h:outputText value=”#{ (myBean.someBoolean==true) ? msgs[‘true’] : msgs[‘false’] }” />

Nifty, huh?


7 Responses to “JSF Tip of the Day: EL Conditional Operator”

  1. Anonymous said

    You can make that a bit “niftier” by doing:

    < h:outputText value=”#{ (myBean.someBoolean) ? msgs.true : msgs.false }” / >

    However, better JSF practise states that you should be using a converter:

    < h:outputText value=”#{myBean.someBoolean}” converter=”booleanConverter” / >

    Which is a more elegant and portable solution anyway.

  2. What is the solution if you have n- possible values of an argument? For example “yes /no /don’t konw/ don’t care”. It is like switch-operator.


  3. steve88 said


  4. Pahan said

    well it depends on usability if you want to use this to display Boolean as string this will do but if you want to convert back their selection to boolean then

    makes best practise.

  5. Stroke said


    How could i have something like this:

    ?????? I did but an error was displayed


  6. Stroke said

    Sorry, the text wasn’t displayed…. it’s the idea:

    h:outPutText value=”#{(myBean.someIntAttribute==0)? msgs.true : #{myBean.someIntAttribute}}


  7. Stroke said

    Well… i solved it….if someone needs the solution:

    h:outPutText value=”{(myBean.someIntAttribute==0)? msgs.true : (myBean.someIntAttribute)}”

    i hope this helps someone..

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